Yerevan Secondary School #163 was founded in 1974.
The 30-th anniversary of the school was a great event and was celebrated on May 13,2004 .

Congratulations on the anniversary of our favourite school!
Let the number of our experienced teachers be inlarged!
Let the number of the students be increased every year!
Let the daily student life be interesting and fascinating!

In 2003 our school became a school with Russian extensive classes.
In October 2003 Armenia accepted numerous guests from Russia on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of joining the East Armenia to Russia. Our school also accepted guests with great hospitability.
The welcome speech of Russian poetess was exsiting, full of love and admiration to Armenia and the armenians. On this occasion the Union of the armenians in Russia presented the armenian schools with computers. Our school also got computers. The computer center at school was enlarged.


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